daily selection

coffee cake

daily chef choice


with house made jam

social pecan roll

toffee and pecans on our oversized cinnamon roll

twisted cinnamon rolls

rolls with a twist 

greek yogurt

fresh greek yogurt with
seasonal jam and granola


suckling pig, black beans,
cilantro slaw, salsa, quail egg


fresh made daily selection

sausage sampler

chicken pepper, pork rosemary,

kielbasa with maple dipping sauces

gluten-free cinnamon toast

with house made jam

fresh berries & fruit


bacon & egg shooters

house mayo, pickled jalapenos, crispy bacon

breakfast taquitos

chorizo potato, roasted chilies, pickled cabbage, avo salsa


squash, corn, roasted chilies,
asadero cheese, salsa verde

monkey bread

sticky gooey cinnamon balls



house made dukkah seasoning over 2 poached eggs,
avocado, greens, bacon and grilled bread

duck and cheese omelet

house made mac and cheese, duck confit

chorizo omelet

roasted chilies, braised onions, mexican chorizo, crema
and oaxacan cheese


egg white, seasonal squash and vegetables,
poblano chilies and cauliflower puree

jalapeno cheese burger helper

irish cheese sauce, hamburger, roasted tomatoes, jalapenos

pork green chili

house potato, pork belly green chilie, two poached eggs, cilantro onions with lime and corn tortilla chips

eggs in a basket

eggs, buttered toast, house potatoes, bacon or sausage

lox and bagels

smoked salmon with a roasted garlic hummus,
dill oil, shaved red onion toasted bagels

doughnut sandwich

bacon, fried egg & irish cheddar

tacos huevos

egg, potato, avocado, salsa, roasted chilies & crema

chili colorado

braised pork, mexican chilies, charred tortillas, lime cilantro onions, pickled radish, pickled jalapenos,

croque madam

challah, gruyere, bechamel, thick ham

over arugula greens, tomato, topped with a sunny side up egg

monte cristo

parisienne ham, gruyere and seasonal jam

bacon & egg bagel

eggs, cheddar, jalapeno bacon, greens

with potatoes

egg mac kitchen

fried egg, spicy gaucamole,

with potatoes


ancho sauce, oaxacan cheese, smoked pork,
scrambled eggs, black beans,
and 1 sunny side up egg

avocado toast

avocado spread, shaved parmesan, greens with bacon vinaigrette, roasted toamto, poached eggs

smoked salmon and broccoli tort

parmesan broccoli tort, roasted sweet pepper coulis, topped with smoked salmon and greens



canadian bacon, english muffin, poached eggs,
hollandaise and house potatoes

smoked salmon

smoked salmon, greens,poached egg, pickled red onion, dill oil
english muffin and house potatoes


country fried steak, poached eggs, chipotle gravy,
biscuits, arugula and house potatoes 


poached eggs, avocado, fried green tomatoes,
arugula, english muffin, hollandaise
and fresh fruit

pork huevos rancheros

smoked pork, charros, guajillo sauce, salsa tomatillo, corn masa,

pork belly bene

smoked pork belly, jalapeno hollandaise, english muffin, and house potatoes 

french toast

traditional french toast

maple syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream

white chocolate french toast

salted caramel, white chocolate mousse, candied strawberries

strawberry short cake french toast

light challah, orange zest batter, strawberry gastrique, whip cream



maple syrup, powdered sugar, whipped cream


peanutbutter, house daily jam and our pancakes

fruit crepe

fresh fruit compote, powdered sugar & whipped cream

ham and cheese crepe

parisienne ham, gruyere cheese, mornay sauce

what the foie…

foie & apple skillet cake

seared foie, skillet baked pancake, maple gastrique,
caramelized apples and strussel

foie burger

burger, foie gras, pickled jaapenos, house sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pickled tomato

foie mac muffin

short rib, english muffin, fried egg, bernaise and foie gras

french toast

amaretto batter, seared foie,
caramelized pears and candied nuts

add foie to any thing

foie and white butter truffle



roasted sweet peppers,
grilled squash, sliced mozzarella, balsamic dressing, pickled onions and toasted pine nuts


sliced pickles, house pastrami, house sauerkraut, whole grain mustard on pumpernickel

the social burger

house blend beef, sunny side up egg, jalapeno bacon, special sauce, house pickles,
shredded lettuce, irish cheddar, on toasted bread

turkey blt

honey roasted turkey, crasin marmalade, jalapeno bacon, lettuce, pickled roasted tomatoes, avocado


kale salad

pear vinaigrette, candied nuts,
bleu cheese, dates and jicama


bleu cheese dressing, bacon, red onion, bleu cheese crumbles, pear tomatoes

chopped salad

iceberg, kale, squash, craisins,
cheddar, bacon, oaxacan cheese, corn, cucumbers, roasted garlic vinaigrette


tortilla soup

cream of potato












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