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Michael Uzmann of Endo Ediables

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FIVE STARS: An unabashed fan of breakfast, the number of famous am eateries visited in the course of my travels almost embarrassing when looked when looked at as a whole, Kitchen Table has instantly emerged as one of my favorite restaurants in all of Southern Nevada and speaking from a place of experience I only hope their momentum continues as two consecutive visits show the sort of quality on par with anything coast-to-coast.


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The Kitchen Table is fast becoming a local breakfast favorite


Michael Uzmann of Endo Ediables

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FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Perhaps a bit early to dub a smash hit, though a large menu yielded only one dry muffin while service was exemplary aside from a premature turn of my table when I stood up to talk to a familiar local restauranteur, a return visit is already in the works for a seat at Kitchen Table next weekend, the breadth of the menu requiring a bit more exploration along with friends of a like palate…though some repeats may prove too enticing to resist.

Best new Henderson restaurant

Kitchen Table

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Henderson (right?)


It's only open for breakfast and lunch, but the brand new Kitchen Table is offering an ambitious menu that is both challenging and inviting with a perfectly prepared Monte Cristo, tostadas made with pork from a suckling pig, freshly smoked bacon on the patio, and seared foie gras on your choice of pancakes, waffles, French toast, or biscuits. Pop up dinners are planned once a month, giving you no excuse not to check out a place eager to compete with the heavyweights on the Strip.


Please don't be frightened, but there are actual chefs cooking good food on Horizon Ridge these days.

 I don't wish to alarm you, but there's actually a good place to eat breakfast and lunch in Henderson.

Want the breakfast of champions and the lunch of legends? Hit Henderson.

DiningWednesday, January 13 4:31pmBy Al Mancini


Breakfast—and to a lesser degree, lunch—tend to get short shrift in the restaurant world. The goal of most casino chefs is to knock your socks off at dinner, and perhaps offer an abbreviated lunch menu to satisfy the resort. And while weekend brunches have become showcase events for many casinos over the past seven or eight years (pioneered by the late Kerry Simon at Palms Place), spots that offer truly interesting breakfasts seven days a week tend to be few and far between. But there seems to be a shift in the local culinary mentality with regard to the first two meals of the day, with chefs finally beginning to take them seriously. That trend is most obvious in Henderson, where a pair of impressive new restaurants from casino veterans are dedicated solely to breakfast and lunch.

Kitchen Table is a collaboration between Anthony Nunez, who’s worked at Le Cirque, Border Grill, STK, Brooklyn Bowl, Mercadito and Whist Stove & Spirits, and Javier Chavez, who’s put in time at Vic & Anthony’s, Brooklyn Bowl, Mercadito and Whist. It’s a small, casual spot, with a kitchen so tiny that it operates 24 hours a day in order to get all the prep work done. There’s a large outdoor patio where the chefs smoke their own pigs. But despite that smoker, and the fact that the restaurant is open from 7 a.m. till 4 p.m., the focus here is overwhelmingly on breakfast. And it offers what currently tops my list as the best breakfast menu in the Valley.

Kitchen Table invites customers to add the rich duck liver to any dish, but specifically pairs it with four decadent sweet dishes

I know that’s tall praise. But I can justify it with four simple words: foie gras for breakfast! Kitchen Table invites customers to add the rich duck liver to any dish, but specifically pairs it with four decadent sweet dishes, including pancakes with maple gastrique and caramelized apples; waffles with blueberry compote; amaretto French toast with caramelized pears and candied nuts; and biscuits with marmalade and peanut butter. It’s an idea that turns on its head the tradition of accenting an earthy foie appetizer with a touch of sweet, and it works beautifully.


Kitchen Table’s French toast with foie gras. | Photo by Anthony Mair

The foie is just a small component of the massive breakfast collection, however. There are more traditional waffles, pancakes and crepes. Omelets include duck and chorizo versions. There are a half-dozen Benedicts. The chefs have commissioned three custom sausages. And smoked salmon can be accented with caviar.

Other than the foie French toast, my favorite dish so far has been a massive Croque Madame (pictured above). Like most of the breads here, Bon Breads supplies the light challah. And it’s topped with a messy potion of Gruyère, béchamel sauce, ham, arugula, tomato and cucumber and a beautiful sunny side-up egg. The Monte Cristo is also very good, although the thick-battered bread is a bit too much around the edges, where the filling runs thin. And if you want to try some of the house-smoked pork, go for the suckling pig, seasoned with a touch of spicy ghost pepper salt, on a pair of tostadas.







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